Elena Moiseenko – Build Your Skills as a Leader

Elena Moiseenko is an experienced business professional located in Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and went on to build her career. Throughout her career, she has developed her skills as a leader. She has been a vice president and has held multiple high leveled positions. Leadership skills can help you advance your career as well.

If you want to build your career, there are several ways you can develop your skills as a leader. One tip is to find a mentor. If you are still new in your career, it may be helpful to find a mentor. An experienced professional can help you learn how to become a leader in your industry.

Another tip is to take on more responsibility at work. You can volunteer to take control of projects, and you can demonstrate to your superiors that you are able to take the lead. Leadership skills can come from experience, which you can earn by taking on projects and responsibilities.

Leaders are often knowledgeable professionals. If you want to become a leader, you may consider developing your knowledge of your company as well as your industry. If your co-workers come to you for advice and guidance, you may be a leader.

Leaderships skills can be valuable to a number of professionals. Elena Moiseenko started her career as an industrial engineer and spent time developing her leadership skills. She looks forward to advancing her career and building her knowledge.

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Elena Moiseenko – Delivering Superior Service

Elena Moiseenko is a veteran manager and executive who has spent most of her career in the healthcare industry. She is known as a tactical planner and team developer who maximizes revenue growth and service quality by building and motivating top-caliber organizations.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and remembers how, as a student, she got a lucky break. “To pay for my education I worked as a waitress, and was lucky enough to have a customer who introduced me to the head of Human Resources at ITT in Nutley, New Jersey during my last year of schooling. I completed my degree at night and secured my first position as an Industrial Engineer.”

She was still living with her parents then, but in time was able to afford a place of her own in Chatham, and later in Berkley Heights “Soon afterward I met my husband, Ken and we lived in Berkley Heights until the purchase of our home in Lafayette, New Jersey. In 2013, we made a final move to the Villages in Florida.”

Throughout her career, her goal has always been to deliver superior services and products to her clients, and in improving the operations of her employer company. “My strengths lie in superior operational structuring, as well as the effective identification and targeting of organizational inefficiencies.”

In her free time, Elena Moiseenko enjoys reading mysteries, taking walks, dancing, and being with her pet golden retrievers.

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Elena Moiseenko Enjoys Amenities of Revolutionary Villages Home Communities

Community Development Districts which oversee neighborhoods like The Villages of Elena Moiseenko are a special purpose type of government under Florida law.  The state currently has 225 home communities which use this type of government.  The Villages has 12 CDDs, while ten of these cover areas where residents own their own homes.  CDDs supply many services for homeowners: maintain roadways, paths, storm water systems, underground utilities, curbs, gutters and street lights.  The cost for this infrastructure is covered by assessments on property taxes.  The two remaining Village Center Community Development Districts provide water, sewer, recreation, security, fire protection and EMT services.

Elena Moiseenko’s Villages residence benefits from the efforts of one of two homeowner’s associations: Property Owners Association or The Villages Homeowners Association.   Recreational opportunities are numerous in these master planned communities, and are also funded through monthly amenities fees.  Neighborhood Centers have adult only pools and bocce, horseshoe and shuffleboard courts.  Village Centers have family pools, billiard rooms, kitchens, game courts and tennis and pickleball game plans.  Regional Centers have sports pools, stages for theater productions, and even fitness centers.

Elena Moiseenko may have been drawn to The Villages because of a prime component of its design, the many golf courses designed and constructed for the residents.  The Villages often uses the slogan Free Golf for Life in its advertising, and though golf course costs are also covered by monthly amenity fees, the 39 courses available to residents of The Villages is Nirvana to residents who look forward to a 9 holes when the urge strikes.

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Elena Moiseenko Lived Near the Great Swamp

John Day made the first settlement of the future Chatham Borough area in 1710 on the west bank of Fishawack Crossing on the ancient Lenape trail.  The rough village which took shape came to be called John Day’s Bridge once he had built a bridge across the river at the landing.  The village was renamed Chatham in honor of William Pitt, first Earl of Chatham in 1773.  The Paul Day house is one of only two which still survive from colonial times.

Elena Moiseenko purchased a condominium in the humid continental climate of Chatham Borough in New Jersey, rich in historical significance both for American Revolution patriots and the Native American tribes which occupied the area for thousands of years prior to their arrival.  Residents of Chatham Borough joined with others in the area to save the Great Swamp, the marshes to the north, northeast and west of Chatham which are a favorite migratory stop for hundreds of thousands of native birds.  The Port Authority’s plans for an airport were foiled when the Swamp was named a National Wildlife Refuge, thus protecting it from development.

The Great Swamp is the remains of a massive lake created by the retreat of the Wisconsin Glacier at the end of the last Ice Age.  The residents of Chatham banded together in 1959 to save the Great Swamp from being bulldozed into an airport, and they were abetted by The North American Wildlife Foundation, which purchased enough of the Great Swamp to turn it into a federal park.

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Elena Moiseenko One of Only Three Females to Graduate with Engineering Degree

Elena Moiseenko earned her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from an old and very large professional engineering school, the Newark College of Engineering in Newark, New Jersey, now known as the New Jersey Institute of Technology .  Newark College of Engineering has provided engineering instruction and degrees since 1919, and graduates of NCE are laboring in corporations worldwide, as CEOs, corporate presidents, inventors and innovators in aerospace, television, telecommunications, plastics, electronics and environmental engineering.  Located in the heart of Newark, and only 30 minutes from New York City, Moiseenko likely commuted to her classes at NCE, as 80% of students enrolled there do.

The New Jersey Institute of Science & Technology attended by Elena Moiseenko is ranked 115th in U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges Today in 2010.  NJIT is the 7th most ethnically diverse university and is one of the best public national universities in America.  The Graduate School of Engineering is 86th overall in the nation for quality, and #1 college value in the country based on cost versus starting salaries of recent graduates.  The rating of #1 most underrated college in the country by Business Insider also compares the rate of graduation employment with high average starting salaries.

Only a third of the Engineering students at Newark College of Engineering are women.  This statistic alone defines the determination of Elena Moiseenko when she enrolled as an Engineering student.  Even more evidence of her ambitions in Engineering is her work as a waitress during her student years to support her schooling.  It gladdens the heart to think that through her waitressing, she met the Human Resources director of ITT, which became her first job after matriculation.


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Elena Moiseenko – What You Should Know About Pet Rescue

Rescuing a pet can be a great way to give a dog or a cat a loving home. After learning about the way dogs were treated in puppy mills, Elena Moiseenko decided to rescue dogs. She is an operations management professional who loves Golden Retrievers. She has two of these loving and loyal dogs, and one she recently rescued from a shelter. There are several steps involved in rescuing a pet that you should know about.

Some people choose to purchase a dog or a cat from a pet store. However, many of these pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. If you want to help improve the lives of dogs, you may want to consider visiting a rescue shelter. Many of these shelters offer information online. You can also visit the shelter. The first step in the rescue process is to meet some of the animals at a rescue shelter. If you find a dog that you get along with, you can request to spend some more time with that dog.

It can be helpful to spend some time with a dog before adopting it. This can help you determine whether or not the dog will be a good fit with your family. The next step involves filling out a small amount of adoption paperwork and paying a small fee. This fee often supports the shelter. When you adopt a pet from a rescue shelter, you are helping that shelter continue to rescue and house animals. Elena Moiseenko adopted a dog from a rescue shelter.

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Elena Moiseenko – What it Takes to Succeed as a Consultant

Succeeding as a consultant requires experience as well as hard work. Elena Moiseenko has worked hard to develop her career as a professional in the financial and health care industries. She specializes in operations management as well as strategic business development. She has worked with several large companies and has years of experience. She is an associate manager with Public Consulting Group, Inc. and has a strong understanding of the consulting industry.

Succeeding as a consultant requires dedication. Consultants often balance a large number of clients. It can be helpful for these professionals to be dedicated to their careers and to providing their clients with the best services possible. It can be helpful for these professionals to have great people skills and to be able to maintain strong long term relationships with their clients.

Building a successful career as a consultant may take time. Experience can be helpful for professionals who work as consultants in any industry. These professionals often need to have a strong knowledge of their industry as well as the practices within their industry. This knowledge can come from experience.

Consultants may work with one company or they may work with several different companies. These professionals often work hard to build their knowledge and experience. There are many individuals who choose to work as a consultant. Elena Moiseenko is a professional, who works as an associate manager for Public Consulting Group, Inc. She has years of experience and she has worked hard to develop her skills and knowledge.

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