Elena Moiseenko Enjoys Amenities of Revolutionary Villages Home Communities

Community Development Districts which oversee neighborhoods like The Villages of Elena Moiseenko are a special purpose type of government under Florida law.  The state currently has 225 home communities which use this type of government.  The Villages has 12 CDDs, while ten of these cover areas where residents own their own homes.  CDDs supply many services for homeowners: maintain roadways, paths, storm water systems, underground utilities, curbs, gutters and street lights.  The cost for this infrastructure is covered by assessments on property taxes.  The two remaining Village Center Community Development Districts provide water, sewer, recreation, security, fire protection and EMT services.

Elena Moiseenko’s Villages residence benefits from the efforts of one of two homeowner’s associations: Property Owners Association or The Villages Homeowners Association.   Recreational opportunities are numerous in these master planned communities, and are also funded through monthly amenities fees.  Neighborhood Centers have adult only pools and bocce, horseshoe and shuffleboard courts.  Village Centers have family pools, billiard rooms, kitchens, game courts and tennis and pickleball game plans.  Regional Centers have sports pools, stages for theater productions, and even fitness centers.

Elena Moiseenko may have been drawn to The Villages because of a prime component of its design, the many golf courses designed and constructed for the residents.  The Villages often uses the slogan Free Golf for Life in its advertising, and though golf course costs are also covered by monthly amenity fees, the 39 courses available to residents of The Villages is Nirvana to residents who look forward to a 9 holes when the urge strikes.

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About Elena Moiseenko

Elena Moiseenko is a health care professional who is educated as well as experienced. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. After she graduated from college, she began working as an industrial engineer with International Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. She worked hard to develop her skills in management and business. She shifted her career into the health care industry and worked with several major companies.
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