Elena Moiseenko Lived Near the Great Swamp

John Day made the first settlement of the future Chatham Borough area in 1710 on the west bank of Fishawack Crossing on the ancient Lenape trail.  The rough village which took shape came to be called John Day’s Bridge once he had built a bridge across the river at the landing.  The village was renamed Chatham in honor of William Pitt, first Earl of Chatham in 1773.  The Paul Day house is one of only two which still survive from colonial times.

Elena Moiseenko purchased a condominium in the humid continental climate of Chatham Borough in New Jersey, rich in historical significance both for American Revolution patriots and the Native American tribes which occupied the area for thousands of years prior to their arrival.  Residents of Chatham Borough joined with others in the area to save the Great Swamp, the marshes to the north, northeast and west of Chatham which are a favorite migratory stop for hundreds of thousands of native birds.  The Port Authority’s plans for an airport were foiled when the Swamp was named a National Wildlife Refuge, thus protecting it from development.

The Great Swamp is the remains of a massive lake created by the retreat of the Wisconsin Glacier at the end of the last Ice Age.  The residents of Chatham banded together in 1959 to save the Great Swamp from being bulldozed into an airport, and they were abetted by The North American Wildlife Foundation, which purchased enough of the Great Swamp to turn it into a federal park.

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About Elena Moiseenko

Elena Moiseenko is a health care professional who is educated as well as experienced. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. After she graduated from college, she began working as an industrial engineer with International Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. She worked hard to develop her skills in management and business. She shifted her career into the health care industry and worked with several major companies.
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