Elena Moiseenko – What You Should Know About Pet Rescue

Rescuing a pet can be a great way to give a dog or a cat a loving home. After learning about the way dogs were treated in puppy mills, Elena Moiseenko decided to rescue dogs. She is an operations management professional who loves Golden Retrievers. She has two of these loving and loyal dogs, and one she recently rescued from a shelter. There are several steps involved in rescuing a pet that you should know about.

Some people choose to purchase a dog or a cat from a pet store. However, many of these pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. If you want to help improve the lives of dogs, you may want to consider visiting a rescue shelter. Many of these shelters offer information online. You can also visit the shelter. The first step in the rescue process is to meet some of the animals at a rescue shelter. If you find a dog that you get along with, you can request to spend some more time with that dog.

It can be helpful to spend some time with a dog before adopting it. This can help you determine whether or not the dog will be a good fit with your family. The next step involves filling out a small amount of adoption paperwork and paying a small fee. This fee often supports the shelter. When you adopt a pet from a rescue shelter, you are helping that shelter continue to rescue and house animals. Elena Moiseenko adopted a dog from a rescue shelter.


About Elena Moiseenko

Elena Moiseenko is a health care professional who is educated as well as experienced. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. After she graduated from college, she began working as an industrial engineer with International Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. She worked hard to develop her skills in management and business. She shifted her career into the health care industry and worked with several major companies.
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