Elena Moiseenko – The Traits You Need to Work in Profit and Loss Management

The profit and loss management field involves dedication and experience. Elena Moiseenko has worked for many companies including Accordis, Inc. and Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. She is an associate manager with Public Consulting Group, Inc. and has a varied skill set. She has worked in profit and loss management throughout her career. She is an experienced and a skilled professional. There are several traits that professionals in the profit and loss management industry share.

The profit and loss management field often requires a strong knowledge of accounting and finance. Professionals, who work in this field, may have an education or background in this field. It can be helpful to have a strong skill set in finance as well as management.

Professionals, who work in profit and loss management, are frequently well-organized. These individuals need to maintain various reports and spreadsheets. These professionals may also monitor various reports from other departments in their companies. Strong organizational skills can be very helpful in this field.

Another trait these professionals frequently share is experience. An understanding of the financial standing of a company can be helpful to these professionals. This understanding often comes from work experience. Many successful professionals in the profit and loss management industry often work hard to develop their skills and their knowledge through experience. Elena Moiseenko is a successful professional in the operations management field. She has worked hard to develop her knowledge of industrial engineering as well as operations management, profit and loss management, and process redesign and improvement.


About Elena Moiseenko

Elena Moiseenko is a health care professional who is educated as well as experienced. She has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. After she graduated from college, she began working as an industrial engineer with International Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. She worked hard to develop her skills in management and business. She shifted her career into the health care industry and worked with several major companies.
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