Elena Moiseenko: Five Principles of Staff Development for Small Businesses

For more than thirty years, Elena Moiseenko has been impacting the performance of her employees through her proven staff development strategies. When it comes to staff development, there are several key principles, that if utilized properly can help you to increase your employee retention rates, staff productivity and company morale.

1.    It is important that you provide your employees with training that is relevant. This allows your employees to see the value of your plans.

2.    When you begin your training sessions, be sure to keep them short and to the point. When you provide them with too much information that is irrelevant to their position, they can often become overwhelmed. Provide them with important updates to their skills that they can utilize immediately.

3.    Allow your employees to use the information they obtained during their training as they see fit when appropriate. Allowing them the autonomy to make their own decisions will build a stronger workforce that is proud of the work they do.

4.    Be sure to define the goals of the company and develop training techniques that work to fulfill those goals. Always keep staff development projects in line with the purpose of the company and make sure they focus on customer satisfaction.

5.    When dealing with staff development, it is important you remain consistent. It should be an ongoing effort and an integral part of the business.

Keeping employees happy and retention rates low can be easily accomplished through staff development programs. Elena Moiseenko is the Associate Manager of Eligibility and Benefit Services at Public Consulting Group, Inc. She is accomplished in staff development reducing turnover by thirty percent.

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Elena Moiseenko: Tips for Successful Business Development

Elena Moiseenko is a successful business professional who has helped industry giants such as Automatic Data Processing and Public Consulting Group, Inc. develop their businesses into successful industry leaders. It is just as difficult to run a business as it is to start one, making a solid business development strategy a must have for any business. Here are some tips to help you with your business development.

•    Your human resources department is the most important asset of your organization. Often, companies that have less than adequate HR departments have higher than normal attrition rates. Having a solid HR department will go a long way in terms of the growth of your business.

•    For your business to survive, you need people to know about you. This means your advertising and marketing strategy must be solid. While you may not have a huge budget for marketing and advertising, it is imperative that you get the word out about your company.

•    You must understand your services/products and how they relate to your customers. Find out what makes your company stand out from the competition and highlight those aspects when talking with your customers.

•    You should remember that business development is not sales, but rather a chance for you to identify and create partnerships that will enable your leverage for increasing business.

Business development is a continuous exercise for organizations, no matter how long you’ve been in business, or what your position is in the industry. Elena Moiseenko has been helping organizations with their business development for many years and has found continued success.

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Elena Moiseenko: The Top Health Benefits of Walking

Elena Moiseenko is an accomplished business professional who has spent more than thirty years advancing in her career. As the Associate Manger of Eligibility and Benefit Services at Public Consulting Group, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts, she spends most of the day sitting behind a desk. To help combat her sedentary days, she likes to walk in the evenings. While walking doesn’t require any special athletic skills or equipment, it provides a number of health benefits.

•    Walking helps to protect against dementia. Cerebral blood flow is improved when you walk, which can help to lower your risks of vascular disease and to stave off dementia.

•    A great form of weight-bearing exercise, walking can help to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Walking helps to maintain the healthy cartilage in the knees that helps to reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling.

•    Walking just twenty to thirty minutes a day can help reduce your blood sugar for up to 24 hours. This can help prevent diabetes altogether or help you keep it under control if you have already been diagnosed.

•    The best medicine to help you reduce pain from arthritis is a brisk walk. Walking an hour every day can help you reduce the pain associated with arthritis and help to prevent future disability.

•    Walking is a great way to improve your mood and treat depression when medication alone doesn’t help.

You don’t have to commit to hours of walking a day to gain the many health benefits it offers. Elena Moiseenko enjoys spending her evenings walking to help her relieve stress and unwind from her long days as an Associate Manager.

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Elena Moiseenko: Things that Will Make You a Great Consultant

Consulting firms, like the one Elena Moiseenko works for, is full of high performers that have graduated from the top schools and who have remarkable work experience. For you to be competitive in the industry, there are a number of qualities that you must possess if you are considering consulting as a career path.

1.    You have to do exactly what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do it. This will help you build trust and credibility with your clients.

2.    You must have attention to detail. If you want to gain your client’s trust, you have to produce error-free deliverables. Your work must be free of spelling, grammar, and calculation-related mistakes.

3.    It is important to start to develop a skill set that will set you apart from the competition. While being a jack of all trades is beneficial, it is even better to excel in one area.

4.    It is critical for you to be resourceful. As a consultant, you must be able to solve problems that you’ve never encountered before. You need to develop the ability to solve problems quickly and creatively.

5.    Being able to ask good questions during your work is essential. This will help you to understand what the client needs and how best to solve their problem.

If you are thinking about becoming a consultant or are looking at increasing your current success as a consultant, working on these qualities will increase your chances of becoming a great consultant. Elena Moiseenko is a successful Associate Manager at Public Consulting Group, Inc.

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Elena Moiseenko: Must Have Skills to Be an Effective Leader

While anyone can be a leader, not everyone can be an effective leader. Elena Moiseenko is a successful business professional in Florida who has spent more than ten years building her skills as an effective leader. When it comes to being an effective leader, there are several skills that you must possess.

1.    You must be engaging. You should be able to have the abilities to motivate your team to come up with a solution to any problem. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how to use them accordingly. It is important to avoid being disrespectful or derogatory in your approach and always be personable.

2.    You must be able to connect with people. Today’s communication happens via status updates, sound bites, and text messages. To be an effective leader, you must be able to communicate one-to-one with your employees and listen to what they are saying.

3.    You need to know how to get stuff done. Effective leaders are able to motivate people to work toward a common goal and deliver the goods as promised.

4.    Effective leaders are able to think critically and be able to question what’s real and what isn’t. This is fundamental for effective decision-making.

Anyone can increase their effectiveness as a leader with time and commitment. Elena Moiseenko is an Associate Manger of Eligibility and Benefit Services at Public Consulting Group, Inc., who is continually driving improvement and high-profile change initiatives in order to achieve company goals.

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Elena Moiseenko – Three Skills Consultants Should Have

Elena Moiseenko, a professional in Florida, has worked for consultation firms. She is a management and business operations professional with more than a decade of experience. Throughout her career, she has been a mentor and a coach in her field. If you are interested in becoming a consultant as well, there are a few traits that you may need to develop.

If you want to become a consultant, it may be helpful to build a broad and varied knowledge. You may need to assist your clients with a wide range of issues. If you spend some time building a working knowledge of many different factors that relate to your field, you may be able to better serve your customers.

Another trait that may be helpful is good customer service skills. As a consultant, you may be sent out to different companies to work with a variety of clients. Good people skills can help you build connections with your clients. You may be more successful as a consultant if you are able to get along well with your clients.

As a consultant, you may need to have strong organizational skills. You may work with multiple clients, and you may need to keep track of different documents. Staying well organized can help you keep track of all of your clients, and you may be able to help them more efficiently. Elena Moiseenko has worked as an industrial engineer and manager for many years and has experience as a consultant in her field.

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Elena Moiseenko – What it Takes to Become a Coach

Elena Moiseenko studied industrial engineering and then launched her career. She earned her first position as an industrial engineer after she graduated from college, and has spent years advancing her career. In 2003, she began working as a senior vice president with a company in New York. She has been a mentor and a coach throughout her career. If you want to become a coach in your industry, there are several steps you can take to reach this position.

One tip for becoming a coach is to build trust with your co-workers and employees. You can use leadership and social skills to demonstrate to your employees that they can come to you with questions and issues. Building trust takes time, so it may be helpful to start building relationships as soon as possible.

Another tip to engage your employees at every opportunity. You could ask them questions on a regular basis. If you want to help your employees learn, you may consider quizzing them on a day to day basis. You can determine where they are lacking and need help, and then provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

A third tip is to get your employees involved. If you want to help them learn, you can get them involved in projects. You can also get them working with other professionals so that they can develop a diverse knowledge. Elena Moiseenko enjoys helping others and being a coach in her industry. She has held several high positions and always looks forward to taking on protégés.

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